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The brain cell trend out there is not, I say *not*, encouraging. February 24, 2006

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Exhibit A: Kansas.
The Attorney General has decided that consenting sexual activity between underage people — and that means “any lewd fondling or touching of the person … with the intent to arouse or satisfy the sexual desires”, not just intercourse — is (a) illegal and (b) sexual abuse. The Kansas AG is a real piece of work, BTW. When they put him on the stand in the case about the law which requires doctors, educators, counselors and health care workers to report virtually all sexual activity by those under 16 to the state, this is what ensued:

When lawyer Bonnie Scott Jones of the Center for Reproductive Rights put Kline on the stand, she asked if anything beyond kissing was acceptable? Is oral sex performed by a boy a reportable crime? Yes, said Kline. Oral sex performed by a girl? “I’m not certain,” he said.

Just for the coup de grace, consider this: the age of consent for marriage in Kansas is 13.

Exhibit B: St. Petersburg, FL
The Bell Shoals Baptist church runs a weekly class called “Christians in Government”. They have an…unusual…take on US history. Among the things they believe:

  • The US is a nation which was founded by Christians, for Christians.
  • Many of the Founding Fathers were evangelical Christians.
  • Benjamin Franklin called for prayer at the Constitutional Convention.
  • Through prayer, George Washington made himself bulletproof in the French and Indian War.

The funniest — or most chilling, depending on how seriously you take these people — line, though, belongs to a mail carrier in the class: “People in this country are too fond of their rights.”

Guilty as charged, friend.



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